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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Weights window sill

Is it right to say, in suffice as to say, there is no end or start. While lives are each lead within hope or in dread of the final depart. Fear not some have said, and dare not in dread of the pitfalls of those that surround you. To break of their bread and tremendous entrench and the fates of those less than surrounds them. Withhold what is yours and all and in chorus just beseech and enjoy what wondrous worlds do ensue. To be me to be true to be me is to you to seem one and in tune with the themes that ensue from the sea to the blue from the trees supple hue as it shades to the blue and in-sensed what we do. Hold on what is true and you'll see through and through and you'll seem less like you and you'll be more like true. What hues do ensue? Can you sense through and through? What weight do we pull when we pull one and all, when all pul on Q with crescendo speed and too we won't stop or be through. To no end we ensue, but as far as can do till lest we break trough. To reduce is to leave what we need to perceive the dead weight at our knees, we just must just break free, from the sand as it climbs our own lives ring in chime let me go down the line and sing ring till sublime. And it waits and its fine.

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