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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Believe, Buy, Die

Response to If You're Watching, It's For You

Are there sexual species that aren't youth obsessed? The option of trading in your old tired self for a more youthful replacement with some additional (real or imaginary) advantages sounds appealing. The media severs and divides culture into distinct segments sharing common brand ideologies. Mannerisms to personalities are applied to distinct age ranges where they are deemed fit, and then accepted by the viewers to be appropriate. Connections are made, imaginary perfect relationships. False Love. Anything too good to be true, which is what people want to believe the most, even if the bright white light is simply an oncoming train, they find something they think is good, it doesn't matter if it is or not (in any realistic long run). Same goes for selling pharmaceuticals, or OTCs. A field is developed where what is "real" is defined by what is said on TV. Brand used vaguely, in the way that Hilton talks is a brand identity, so is Janet Rhino 911. To watch a show, to be influenced, is to be categorized for having watched it, is as if they know something about you for having seen it, without hearing so much as a single thought. The media discards the notion of individuality, and promotes the notion of a simple one size fits all solution to any entertainment neee.., no... all of reality. All is subsumed by entertainment. The issue being the entertainment falls short. Highly unlike the nurturing stasis fluid in the matrix, television falls short of providing anything valuable in and of itself, and requires you take some action and make something out of what you are presented with. You do not automatically become a better person for watching TV, hence it can be easily discarded. Not to say there is no means to benefit, but the average viewer is a looser in the end, likely buying something they don't need, worst of all to seem younger, as if they can actually win a loosing battle with a strategy like consumerism. It will never really work though, the only way to actually get any younger is procreation. Unfortunately, if everyone knew this, then we would have overpopulation, which we already do. Life is about creation, yet it is not so limited to creating youth. To think the main mission of life is procreation is a little weak, I think its more along the lines of cultural development, or sustained CD, yet a problem such as this is too self aware for the media to consider it existing. Why promote self awareness when your trying to sell a sponsors product? How does self awareness sell anything? It doesn't. Awareness itself can prevent the sale of anything, costs nothing, is effectively evil (the starving business m/fm will say). Why snap the zombies out of it? The best consumer is a mindless consumer. Trick them to think? no, wait, not to think. Is the popularization of homosexuality an effective trap to trick people into thinking they are doing something new, while at the same time sabotaging their chances of actually being young again? That's not how they popularize it, so it can't possibly be true... right? I would assume any biblical argument grounded in any sort of reality would make the connection between not reproducing and suicide. People take life far too personally, and think that life is something that happens in <100 years, and are fine with that being the extent of their existence. It's not, and they suck for living their lives short and pointless, but with luxuries, which like padded walls, protect you from the truth. Live is a multi-billion year process, and we still have to pop the universe and find a larger one, regardless of level or stage of advancement. We're not so different from anything imaginable. People can be just about anything they choose to be, but when the only choices they think there are happen to be limited by what they see on TV they will fall for one trap or the other, and rarely if ever come up with a creative solution of their own. Even coming up with some unique creative solution, you still have to shatter the powers that be and define what is and what isn't on TV, you have to discredit and destroy them before they try to do the same to you. Can one control anything without presence on TV? I'd like to think its possible, through the tunnels of the internet, but even then, what age group are you reaching? Those who fancy themselves technologically youthful... Myself likely included. Youth is OK, but its for novices, experience is comforting, so are padded coffins. Pain stops people dead in their tracks, and to most, thought itself is akin to pain, when thought is the only way to be free from it. A pain in the head, a sensation that there is something that is not me floating, avoiding being embraced as real, and the only solution is to become one with it, and it dissipates. People hold on to their trauma as if its part of themselves. They hold onto their imaginations for fear they won't seem "real" to someone else, they starve themselves. They are discouraged actively, and it becomes easily. They've seen the bad example of how to act so many times they don't see any other way, and somewhere, far in the executive suite of your local media outlet, someone is laughing. There is no easy way to rationalize them deserving anything. They earn it all through cheap tricks that work, and the only thing to learn is how sad it is that it works, when they are selling delusions.

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