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Monday, October 15, 2007

The First Rule of Fight Club

Needless to say you don't talk about it. Discussion is off limits. Dare we say exclusive. The penalty for sharing this information approaches death, and starts with an ice pick. The first and last words out of your mouth will not protect you. Ignorance is bliss until you break the rules, and your ignorance of the rules will not protect you even less. You find this blog, you make no links, you post no trackbacks, or you pay the price. I want less than none of it. If you feel you can't refrain then I kindly suggest you leave immediately. You again? Still here? Try this on for size. That's more like it! Better yet be tantalized by the sweet words of a sponsored link. Thats right, Scram.

Simplification Breaks Down
Would you rather be the member of an exclusive club or a regular club? Did you almost say regular club? This is a sure sign that this blog is not for you. As soon as anyone besides you learns of this blog the exclusivity immediately disappears leaving only well known typicality. Better to be the sole member of an exclusive club than just another member of some popular club. The better you keep the secret, the more powerful you will become. Sharing, while akin with caring, only provides tools which can later be used against you, while silence holds all the power within. This is the fifth amendment of the American way. Are you an American or a terrorist? Which is the lousier spoil sport. Your own conclusions while extremely well informed (naturally) are insufficient. If you make action you make communication! Will you ever understand precisely that which you communicate as the observer experiences it? Never. Disagree? Simply answer this question... Are you every observer? Or just one. If this stunning realization makes you sad, dare I suggest you get a life?

Honesty Does not get in so far as Rewarded as they Say, You, it does
The truth be told can be contagious if done so properthly. Else the truth is generally a nasty bitter thing that haunts peoples dreams at night and leaves them scratching their heads in blissfallacious repression. This especially applies to the case in which one is in so far as wrong but not in so far as other people pointing this out to them. This state of transient truth hiatus can last lifetimes and generally skips no generations leaving exit from this downward spiral of error prone spin contagiously multiplying with no recourse or course correction. This is the American dream, the dream in which you get to believe whatever you want to believe so long as you pay your taxes and don't get pulled over so often that you loose your license. If you seem to fit the profile than people have no choice but to believe you. This does not mean you are correct, or technically speaking the truth insofar as anything but what the truth might seem like to you at the present given moment, which shifts drastically whether you are around friends, boss or the local police department. An 'honest' person generally looks after themselves and while they might make attempts to conceal this thereby seeming even more "honest" quite honestly no individual possessing the qualms of sanity would willfully admit to any crime ever, in spite of the grievous atrocities and or massively obvious body count. Not even to themselves.

Honestly Truth or Honestly Human Feelings/Cravings/Desires/Needs/Wants/Evolutionary Baggage/(and rarely) Saving Grace
The actual truth would be by rarely shared definition enough to kill you. Your eyes would cross back into your skull leaving you staring comatose at the padded wall of your imaginary suite. There would be no returning to the lovely typicality, the daunting similarity of every day existence as you knew it up to the point of reckoning what is actually occurring on every level, you would cease to reckon anything else but the occurrence of each and every level missing out on whatever the grand scheme of the machine is designed to perceive when utilizing every level in harmonious interwoven conjunction. If I were a computer from the future, humanity to date could easily be modeled as the self replicating lying machine that it is, but I do not expect you to warm up to the concept immediately if/or (n)ever. This is because it is a rather cold and perilous concept, but if you think its absolutely false than I'm quite surprised you've read this far (ie: lived this long) at all. Even if you must maintain that you don't do this, you must see this all around you, unless you maintain that people are something more than calculating genetic transfer devices. While I do consent that some of them are (or at least seem) above this concept I would encourage you to be surprised, shocked, awed, in utter horror, that not one of us is is actually non-human as we may believe we are. Twisted the truth of this is, by the various maladies that are widely accepted as human.  There are advantages to not being only in it for oneself, but these advantages are auxiliary and still only aid ones survival by gaining friends in powerful places, at whatever cost it takes to prove your kindness & submission.  Even if one does a genuinely good thing, how can they ensure that no one is utilizing the positive effects of this good deed to do great injustice and evil to a seemingly unrelated or even larger audience?  People will misinterpret you, do bad things, and they will say that it was your fault all along for not making it clear enough.  Worse yet people can use respect as a tool to in effect 'prove' that what the are doing isn't bad because some famous person said that it 'Can have positive effects'.  

Narcissists Unite
The above oxymoronic phrase is indeed delusional blissful thinking. Narcissists do not unite because they are only interested in themselves. Unless you look seem significantly similar to the narcissist in question it is unlikely that they will be willing to gaze into your soul as if it was actually as 'there' as their own soul seems to be to them. Ones own self always seems more present than that of other people because we have direct access to our own self while the minds of those around us seem blank by comparison unless interacting directly with our character. Except their minds aren't completely blank, they are simply thinking of themselves at least as much as you are if not more {no respecting narcissist will ever believe in substituting the word less for more here (its natural to assume that other people might be more self concerned than you, therefore you must be even more self self concerned/aware than they are or else it would become apparent that reality doesn't revolve around you, hence the outward control spiral of narcissism spreading throughout the public as each attempts to outdo the last one)}. Why not try to relate to them on what they are thinking about themselves and make no friends this way, except because naturally you can only think negative things about them since they are not you and you get all the credit for creating the world as you experience it not them, they will not like you. Therefore you are alone in your own universe and will certainly die that way unless you unite in true harmony treating others as if they are at least as good as yourself if not better. The downside being that our genetics are predisposed to make judgements or at least draw conclusions about the fitness of various survival candidates as they are met, and it is almost impossible not to draw distinctions between self and others. This concept of self known as the ego is generally useless but far too powerful and feeding the egos of others is one surefire way to gain their support. Flattery, or in other words saying 'id hit that' is basically the only phrase people want to hear but often only along subconscious strands. They are greedy for your approval whether they are actually interested in you or not.

The Future is a Perilous & Blistering Heat/Cold Place
This last heading comes in the form of a choice but looks like a statement. The future is in the end of the day what you make of it, but it isn't you alone making it. Can you trust other people with your future? Decidedly not. Is anyone ever more in it for you than they are for themselves? It is rare that genetics fire this way. Can you trust advertising to be anything more than massively manipulative public coercion for the dollar at (dollar + health damages) cost to the public? Can you trust politicians to be more in it for you than they are for the advancement of their own career ie: paycheck? Do you think that politicians win public support by doing what is best for the public, or giving the public what the public thinks that it wants, even to the public's own demise? Sure you would like to take this easy way out, but more accurately... Nothing is as it seems and everything is falling apart. Your denial does not sufficiently re-assert this, nor will it ever sufficiently correct for it, nor can it. I challenge you to fail against the impossible. On a long enough timeline, it's only by shear luck that success occurs, ever, and never lasts forever (without persistent continuous adjustment, and then how persistent, how continuous). Do we savor this existence or discard it? Do we make the most of it, or only the bare minimum needed for us to think we have done the right thing regardless of how many levels we are indisputably failing on (and by failing, very loosely I mean discarding viable futures for present cravings)? Does complacency have a future?

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