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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Revolver 2005

Obviously this movie isn't for everyone, but to me this movie makes far too much sense to dismiss. as many so diligently do... In terms of replay value and concepts to think about this movie is the richest Guy Richie film I've seen to date. Life can be modeled as a network of interwoven cons at every turn tricking one into each and every action they take. As the viewer of a movie each and every thing in the scene is there for this exact purpose. To have the ability to step outside of this very system of complacency, to separate oneself from ones expected roll, while still appearing to fit within it only to your own advantage, seems to me the point, and the source of all power, in spite of the impossible limitations of truly escaping the self. To see through the rules, behind them, break them, change them, and make the game into whatever world you can imagine, so long as you can convince other people it works, it works. Reality has some common foundation but all of the blanks are socially constructed. This movie challenges ones normal way of thinking and if things like this tend to just bounce off of you then go bounce somewhere else.

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